Huntsville, Alabama, United States
Tearlach Productions LLC


Grip & Lighting  Equipment

Local Crew 

Location Scouting

Production Gear

H/M & Wardrobe Trailer


 Tearlach Productions LLC based in Huntsville Alabama was formed in 2003  by Charles and Cynthia White and is a full service video production  company.  We have a 4 ton truck with grip and lighting equipment which  includes tungsten, kino-flo, LED and HMI lighting.  This is available on  a daily or weekly basis.  We also have a 30 foot production trailer  which contains an area for Hair, Make-Up, Wardrobe and a Production  Office which is available on a daily or weekly rental basis.  

 Often clients are unsure about what they want in a finished product.   Tearlach Productions LLC creates clarity by discussing the client's  needs and asking the client the right questions.  It is this  individualized service that has left our clients satisfied time and  time again. 

 For your free written estimate call us about your project and let us show you the possibilities. 



  Protagonist Brand Energy/PepsiCo
  ReKon Productions/Porsche
  Blackstone Media Group/ALS
  Bilby Films/Music Videos
  Flameout Productions
  Simple World Films
  Xist Films
  Global Empire Films
  Daniels/Music Videos